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Facts of Acupuncture

March 22, 2006
Lin Pan, CA Licensed Acupuncturist
10 years. Imitrex was used.
After 16 acupuncture sessions and use of herbs, headache went away.
30 years. Oral steroids were used.
After several months of acupuncture and herbs applications, symptoms have been steadily becoming better and better and can now be controlled by applying ointments a couple of times a week.
Spine/Leg Pain:
5 years. 10--12 Hydroco daily. Fell down at least once a week.
After the first acupuncture session, falling does not happen any longer.
After 10 acupuncture sessions, 6--8 Hydroco are needed daily.
15 years. Lorazepam & Estazolam were used.
After use of acupuncture and herbs, no more sleeping pills.
Daily Headache:
30 years. Pain-killers were needed every morning.
After the first visit, no need to take pain-killers any longer. Now headache occurs occasionally.
Sole Pain:
2 years of frequently severe sole pain.
After 4 acupuncture sessions and use of herbs soaking liquid, pain has been alleviated to tolerable levels.
Post-Herpetic Neuralgia:
1 year. Still painful even under pain medicine.
After several acupuncture sessions, pain intensity has been lowered and pain medicine has been less frequently used.
4 years. Decongestion medicine was needed.
After the first acupuncture session, there is already no need to use decongestion.
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