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Some Comments from Our Patients

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"Dr. Pan has been an integral part of my healing. I have had reoccurring bladder infections and pelvic pain for eight months to a year. A local urologist has diagnosed me with interstitial cystitis. After seeing almost ten doctors and getting many differing opinions from medications to surgery, I decided to take a chance on Eastern medicine. This is when a friend referred me to Dr. Pan. When I started seeing Dr. Pan my bladder pain, urethral pain and urinary urgency was a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. After several visits I went to a 5. Now, after 4 weeks, I am at a 3. My pain and urgency has been significantly reduced. I believe it is a combination of the acupuncture and herbs. I feel Dr. Pan is an expert in her field and she educates her patients, as well as treats them with empathy and utmost attention. I highly recommend her to my closest friends and family."

"To have any relief is wonderful-I feel I'm continuing to get better and closer to my normal hearing every day. I'm also looking forward to the added bonus of not having to take hormone replacement medication, using herbal formula instead."

Cailin: 12-17-07 (PAINFUL KNEES)
"My knees were bothering me�..75% better in 12 weeks."

Bethany: 9-20-08 (BACK PAIN)
"My health issue was back pain. I am 100% better in 6 weeks. Thank you Dr. Pan!"

"It�s remarkable that I walked in bent over, using a cane, not able to sleep more than 2 hours or sit for 2 hours and do little to nothing I previously enjoyed. It's been well worth the 100 mile round trip 2 or 3 times a week to stand up straight, walk, sleep, sit and enjoy most of my life again. The rash is healing as well, thanks to Dr. Pan's herbs. I can tell anyone how much better I am, and how much I appreciate Dr. Pan and her skills."

"Acupuncture, combined with yoga and massage, have allowed me to manage pain without high doses of pain killers. Acupuncture has rapidly improved pain and discomfort."

"Dr. Pan made a major difference! 100% better in 2 weeks. Thank you!"

Wendy: 11-25-08 (FIBROMYALGIA)
"Dr. Pan is a wonderful doctor and more importantly a wonderful person. She was able to accurately diagnose my fibromyalgia from the start. I have seen at least 6 MDs that either referred me out, misdiagnosed, treated with several drugs or performed surgery. None of these treatments over the course of the last 10 years has helped enough for me to say it made a difference. Within 2 months my chronic headaches, fever, nausea, vomiting, and night sweats have all but disappeared. We are working on my fatigue and I am confident that this will be a thing of the past very soon. I wouldn�t be anywhere near the level of progress that I am now without Dr. Pan."

Griselda : 11-28-08 (INSOMNIA AND CARPAL TUNNEL)
"After two weeks of acupuncture, (coming 3x a week), I feel 100% better. I am able to sleep without sleeping pills. I feel like a normal person once again. My wrists have also improved dramatically. I don't experience the same amount of pain I used to."

"Pain in lower back eased considerably � no need for pain medication as prescribed by Kaiser doctors. Prostate (using urine flow rate 0-10) Prior to treatment, 3-4 bathroom trips during bedtime with flow rate about 1 or 2. After treatment 1 or 2 bathroom trips with flow rate 6 or 7. Daytime flow rate originally 4 or 5, after treatment 8 or 9, several times 10."

Donna: 3-5-09 (MENOPAUSE)
"Great job! Helped me regain perfect health."

"I now have restful nights sleep. I no longer need to use a wheelchair to walk around for more than an hour. I feel that I can think better, have better memory and feel alive again!! I no longer need to take the Requip or the 4 pain pills I was taking each night."

"My treatment with Dr. Pan is only my second experience with acupuncture. Treatment with Dr. Pan is a much better experience than the first. My first experience with acupuncture was several years ago with another doctor. He didn't explain anything that he was doing. Although I got some relief after a couple of treatments, I didn�t return because his lack of communication was really a turn off for me. My experience with Dr. Pan is exactly the opposite and very refreshing. She explains everything, answers all of my questions, and her open communication and comfortable approach keeps me coming back!"

�I hadn�t thought about acupuncture for my shoulder pain before coming to Dr. Pan. Two of my family members talked about the relief they experienced after treatment with Dr. Pan. So once my shoulder pain was so bad I couldn�t stand it anymore, I decided to try acupuncture with Dr. Pan too. I was thrilled to experience relief after just a few weeks. Since then, however, I've continued treatment with Dr. Pan for chronic insomnia and restless sleep. Again I hadn't considered acupuncture for this before Dr. Pan. I just thought this was part of "old age� and I had to "live with it." Well, I'm learning that's not true. I really can have restful sleep."

"My sleep is better- still not perfect-but "better" is good. Because of Dr. Pan's excellent communication I�ve learned that I don�t have simply a "sleeping problem". I've learned that overall my body is out of balance...who knew?! I�ve learned that acupuncture and Chinese medicine focuses on restoring that balance. I understand that once my body balance is restored, my sleep will improve-as will my general health overall. I like this!"

"I try very hard to take care of myself. I eat my fruits and veggies and stay away from junk food; I try to get my 30 minute walk in most days, and do my best to keep a positive outlook. This is my self-care and preventive care. I now view acupuncture as another tool for self-care and preventive care. I�d much rather balance my body now and restore my health as much as possible than to do nothing and possibly struggle with illness in the future."

"I love acupuncture now and I especially appreciate Dr. Pan's care and her generosity in sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. I would (and do) recommend Dr. Pan to anyone who cares about their health. Thank you Dr. Pan"

"I came to see Dr. Pan to see if she could help me with my facial paralysis caused by Bell's Palsy. It was hard to treat but Dr. Pan is the only one who gave me hope and results."

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