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Story by: Susan Taubman

After practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine for more than 17 years in both China and the United States, Lin Pan opened Pan Acupuncture & Herb in Granite Bay in June 2007.

As a licensed acupuncturist and Oriental medical doctor, she offers a wide range of treatments using acupuncture and herbs. Among her specialties are treatments for pain relief, healing of common ailments and treatments for menstrual problems.

In finding a reputable acupuncturist, it helps to inquire into background.

Pan graduated summa cum laude from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the top TCM schools in China. While praeticing in China, she was blending TCM with modern Western medicine, a clinically proven effective approach for providing patients with more healing opportunities.

She was practicing and doing research in general internal medicine with special interests in gerontology rehabilitation,and food therapies, which led to her publishing three books in these areas.

"TCM uses natural herbs, combined in formulas, not chemicals," Pan says to describe what's special about TCM. "We always customize and mix the herbs according to formulas derived from TCM diagnosis of symptoms"

Highlighting one example of how common colds are analyzed by Chinese doctors, Pan lists a number of cold symptoms for which they must check.

"If you have a running nose, the (herbal) formula could be different depending on whether or not there is an accompanying sore throat," she says.

Since diagnoses depend on subtle differentiation in symptoms, so too must herbal remedies be incrementally differentiated.

Pan cites the headache as another instance where nuances count.

"If you have a headache, depending on whether it's the forehead, the side of the head, or the back of the head, the acupuncture points will be different, she says.

Skeptics might wonder whether acupuncturists would be able to respond to more acute emergencies. But a recent incident at a neighboring accountant's office should help ease fears.

Gregory Herrick, CPA, visited Pans office complaining of acute pain. The acupuncturist advised him to go directly to the emergency room at the hospital. In response to this advice, Herrick initially wanted to "blow it off and wait." Again, Pan urged him to visit the ER immediately.

"If it wasn't for her, I'd probably be dead," says Herrick. "They had me in the hospital for four days. I had an almost gangrenous gall bladder and had surgery that evening."

This mini-drama exemplifies how medical training that Chinese acupuncturists undergo in TCM medical schools fully incorporates studies of both ancient TCM and modern Western medicine.

Patients of Pan have similar stories of success against the odds. Kathleen Vinson, a longtime resident of Granite Bay, is one such patient.

Now retired from her work as Compliance Coordinator with the Grant Joint Union District, she made a list of her physical ailments to be worked on with TCM. Vinson says she feels fortunate that Lin Pan could "fix" her physical complaints, one after the other.

"I think she's the greatest thing in the world for a million reasons," says Vinson

Vinson First came for a consultation on her "general bad health and stressing out:' On the day of her interview, she could be found in a treatment room, sitting upright in a chair with each hand propped upon a minuscule pillow, palms down, with a sole acupuncture needle on the reverse of each hand.

"My back went out on Wednesday," she explains, "and I didn't want to have to recline on my back"

Lynda Schou is another patient of Pan's.

Schou had been distressed for about eight months with an ongoing complaint of interstitial cystitis. One urologist had suggested surgery in response to recurrent bladder infections and pelvic pain. About 10 doctors were consulted, offering "different opinions, from medications to surgery."

"When I first started seeing Dr. Pan, my bladder pain, urethral pain and urinary urgency was a seven on a scale from one to 10:' says Sehou. "Now, after four weeks, I am at a three."

She no longer contemplates surgery.

"I have seen incredible results Dr. Pan has brought my wife with a few months," says husband Willian Schou. "My wife's long struggle was an indication that no doctor in Western medicine knows how to successfully treat endometriosis. When my symptoms came up (prostate enlargement), my wife and I decided to visit Dr. Pan and we felt confident in her abilities."

"By my third acupuncture visit 1 have already felt normal again;' he says. "And I was not getting up two to three times a night to go to the bathroom"

Robbie Sarkisian sought out treatment for a complaint of a roaring sound in her ear, like a "motor." Two previous doctors had no suggestions for treatment.

After 4 weeks of TCM treatments by Pan, Sarkisian says, "To have any relief is wonderful."

She continues to improve, and says she is getting closer to normal hearing every day. Additionally she says she is looking forward to not having to take hormone replacement medication. Sarkisian is using herbal formulas instead.

She joins the ranks of local residents who are recently redis covering the benefits of TCM, t composite of age-old, time-hon?ored methods for stimulating the body's natural defenses to heal itself.

According to historical records, TCM healing has been administered in China for at least 3,000 years. Now, through Pan's office and a few others, it can also be found here in Place County.

Susan Taubman is a contributing writer.
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