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Longan Longan

Longan (literally ‘dragon eye’) is a close relative of leeches and is one of the most well-known and well used of the medicinal fruits in Chinese Medicine. It strengthens both the digestive system as well as the heart.

As the heart is the abode of the spirit in Chinese medicine, this means that longan is especially good for blood deficiency symptoms that are related to mind and/or emotions. Longan is one of the favored medicinal foods for insomnia, poor memory, stress, and palpitations – especially if there are other signs of blood deficiency (dry skin, floaters in the vision, feeling dizzy when standing).

Longan fruit is available fresh or tinned in syrup at Chinese supermarkets, or occasionally in the tropical fruit sections of large grocery supermarkets. It is also often available dried, in which case it should be in brown-color.


Chewing 20-25 grams longan pieces or taking the soup in the evenings, daily.


Longan is not good for diabetes, early pregnancy, and people who have reddish tongue with yellow coating (because of longan’s warm characteristics).




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