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Pain Relief
Lower back pain, arthritis, sciatica, migraine, headache, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sports injuries, stiff neck, muscle spasm, etc

Common Ailments Healing
Eczema, asthma, esophageal reflux,hypertension, dizziness, tinnitus, facial paralysis, insomnia, allergy, tiredness, depression, anxiety, stress

 Menstrual Problems


Meet Dr. Pan

Lin Pan, a Board Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc)in California, has over 20 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including acupuncture, herb therapy, food therapy, and rehabilitation. She was elected as a fellow of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies in 2009.

Born in Nanjing, China, Lin Pan knew from an early age that she wanted to practice medicine. She was fortunate to live in a city with one of the best medical schools, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As is typical with all med students there, Lin Pan studied both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine. Chinese doctors typically use both methods in their medical practices. After graduating in 1989, she worked as a clinical doctor at the University, and co-authored 3 books covering gerontology, food therapy and TCM rehabilitation.

She opened her first Granite Bay office in 2005, and moved to her current location in 2007. To date she has treated over 1000 patients from the Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin area, and beyond. Some patients have even driven from 2 hours away!

For over 20 years Dr. Pan has been using acupuncture and herbal therapies to successfully treat a variety of acute and chronic issues including fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, allergy, asthma, eczema, esophageal reflux, hypertension, tinnitus, paralysis, bell's palsy, IBS, and IBD (UC/CD), infertility, menopause, menopathy (problems associated with the menstrual cycle), PMS, weight gain, and more. Lin Pan treats more patients for pain than any other issue including back pain, arthritis, sciatica, migraine, headache, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sports injuries, stiff neck, leg and knee pain, and muscle spasm.

"My greatest joy," says Lin Pan "is to hear my patient's delighted voices after they have been restored to health."

Phone: 916-784-1808
Address: 6049 Douglas Blvd. Suite 22
Granite Bay, CA 95746

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